La Douceur

La Douceur 

Bloomsbury Baroque

La Douceur: the name of our programme is taken from the words of a hopeful lover in the song j'avois cru que'en vous aymant. It was published as an 'air tendre' early in the eighteenth century, and is just one example from the numerous collections of songs and dances taken from traditional or ancient sources and published from the late seventeenth century onwards in France.

This  hour long programme of vocal and instrumental music from the height of the French Baroque is a microcosm of the highly expressive musical world of eighteenth Century France, moving between the domestic songs and pedagogical pieces by Lambert to the drama of Montéclair's cantata La Mort de Didon and the virtuosic display of Marin Marais. Montéclair, Marais and Morel were known primarily for their contribution to the repertoire of the viol, and the bass writing displayed in this programme is both expressive and demanding. The programme also features some of Rameau's highly characterised and innovative writing evident in his Pièces de Clavecin en Concert. and our concert ends in the traditional French manner with a chaconne written for flute, viol and continuo. 

Ma Bergère est tendre et fidèle 

La Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève

J’avois cru qu’en vous aymant

La Mort de Didon

selection from troisième suite de clavecin en concert

Ombre de mon amant

Sans frayeur dans ce bois


Bloomsbury Baroque

Philippa Hyde Soprano 

Diane Moore baroque violin

William Summers baroque flute

Yat-Soon Yeo harpsichord

Ibrahim Aziz bass viol


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